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a win at Waltham

Melton Borough Council have resolved to grant planning consent to a development of 60 dwellings on Melton Road in Waltham on the Wolds.  In transport terms the proposal was relatively straightforward, the harder work having been completed for the previously consented application for 45 dwellings to the north.  In planning terms, the situation was far from simple, with three other proposals in the village also seeking consent, leading to three previous deferrals by the planning committee. Well done to Pegasus Group for negotiating that maze.


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road approval

Peveril Securities and Charterpoint sought permission for a new road at Wilmot Lane in Beeston, in advance of a planning application for the residential and retail use it would serve.  Working with Marchini Curran on the layout, we designed the road and the application has been approved by Broxtowe Borough Council.  We are now working up the detailed design to enable a further application to have the road adopted and tidy up some complicated land ownership issues.​


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appeal allowed – Middlegate Road, Kirton

A scheme for 195 houses for Larkfleet has been allowed at appeal following refusal by Boston Borough Council.  While there was no highways reason for refusal, the Rule 6 party objected about various highways issues.  The Inspector agreed with the conclusions of our Transport Assessment, that safe and suitable access would be provided, and found no evidence to support the objectors’ concerns.


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Redhill success

Gedling Borough Council have approved MF Strawson and Barwood Homes’ planning application for 70 dwellings on the former Metallifacture/DURA site on the A60 Mansfield Road at Redhill in Nottingham.  Assessment of the access capacity was the difficult issue, as the A60 is a busy road and our evidence base included videos of neighbouring residential streets with access on to the A60 to backup theoretical junction models.



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Lincoln Science and Innovation Park

Lincoln City Council have just approved Phase 2 of the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park – a joint venture between the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Co-op.  The proposal consisted of 11,676sqm of B1 office and research and development uses.  Our biggest challenge was producing a network model of three linked junctions, including the large Triton Road/Brayford Way gyratory.  We successfully demonstrated that the junctions could accommodate the additional development traffic.