80 more bedrooms approved in Sheffield

Working for Charterpoint Developments, we assessed the ability of a site on Twentywell Lane in Sheffield to accommodate an 80 bedroom care home. As matters evolved, they engaged Cinnamon Care to submit a planning application. That application was granted consent at Sheffield City Council’s planning committee on Tuesday night (17 November). One of the notable concerns was the access, on a steep road, and the ability for vehicles to safely enter and exit the development. CGI below by Harris Irwin.

success at Rainworth

Unanimous approval granted tonight to Barratt’s proposal for 200 houses on land east of Blidworth Lane in Rainworth. Our work on the site started three years ago, with the access constraints, complicated by the lack of footways on Blidworth Lane. A strategy was determined, and highway works devised. The site was successfully promoted as an allocation in the adopted Mansfield Local Plan, and we supported the outline application, working closely with Barratt. Tonight’s result is a pleasing culmination of all that work.

Drum and Monkey Lane

A small but nevertheless important success for our clients, Brookland Developments Limited, as they gain consent for three large dwellings on the wonderfully named Drum and Monkey Lane in Packington, Leicestershire. The lane is very narrow and demonstrating that a fire engine and refuse vehicle could reach the houses was an important element of the scheme’s success. Design by Mike Daubney Architects.

success at Stathern

On 15 October 2020 Melton Borough Council’s planning committee unanimously approved Davidsons’ development of 74 houses, west of Mill Hill in Stathern. The detailed application was supported by our Flood Risk and Drainage Strategy, and Transport Statement. A lively public consultation event was held in April 2019, and before and since there has been extensive engagement with the Parish Council by Davidsons and Pegasus, their planning consultants. The result is a scheme that achieved the aims of all parties, something that was commended by the Councillors on the planning committee. We are now engaged to produce the detailed design of the access junction and on-site roads and sewers. Detailed layout below by nineteen47.

approved – Station Road, Melbourne

South Derbyshire District Council tonight unanimously approved Davidsons’ application on Station Road in Melbourne. Neighbouring their successful development at Sweet Leys Way, the full application will provide 46 dwellings. The application was supported by our Transport Statement, along with drawings showing the tracking of a refuse vehicle and visibility at internal bends.

early evening light

An early evening site visit, lit by a crescent moon and the tram stop’s lights, provides an atmospheric photo. We have been working with Charterpoint on the mixed use site on High Road in Beeston for five years. The new houses on Wilmot Lane, out of shot, are almost complete. The Co-op store with apartments above, on the left, is open, and looks very like Marchini Curran Architect’s CGI, The area behind the wooden fence is soon to be occupied by retirement accommodation. We look forward to visiting again once it is all complete.

more to do at Broadnook

We are very pleased to report our ongoing appointment to provide infrastructure design services for the consortium developing Broadnook. Following the resolution to grant in March 2020, work is progressing on delivery. We have begun the site wide earthworks strategy, with detail in the areas where the first phases will be built. We are designing the roads and drainage for the first housing phases for Davidsons Homes and Barwood Homes that have full consent. We are designing the connecting roads that link these first phases back to the access works. We are designing those S278 access works – the new signal controlled A6 roundabout, and internal roundabout with realigned Loughborough Road. And, we are designing the mitigation scheme at Rothley Crossroads that is required prior to first occupation. There is a lot of complex and exciting work to be done.

appeal success – Teversal

A development of only two dwellings, but the devil is always in the detail. The shared private driveway at Grange Close in Teversal (NG17 3JN) serves three dwellings. An application for it to serve another two was refused by Ashfield District Council, because of an objection by Nottinghamshire County Council. They were concerned that the driveway had restricted visibility and inadequate width to allow two vehicles to pass each other at the entrance, causing vehicles to wait on the main road (Pleasley Road). This, they concluded, would lead to danger and create accidents.

The applicant appealed that decision, which supported with highways advice. We analysed the specific local circumstances, looking at traffic volumes and speeds, achievable visibility, the accident record, and other matters. We concluded that while the geometries were below current standards, they would not create an unacceptable impact on highway safety. We are very pleased to report the Planning Inspector agreed (APP/W3005/W/20/3247780).

new HQ update

In December 2019 we reported the consent granted to the new joint headquarters for Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service. Henry Brothers Midlands have won the contract to construct the £18.5m development. Work is expected to start this month and be complete by the end of 2021. YMD Boon are the architect, Gleeds are providing project management, cost consultancy and M&E services, and HWA are advising on civil and structural engineering.