success for VPK in Desborough

A project for VPK Holdings on Harborough Road in Desborough has been approved. The outline application sought consent for a new 240 space car park and 32 space lorry/trailer park for VPK, on land adjacent to their existing unit, plus 20,000sqm of speculative B2/B8 development. The application was supported by our Transport Assessment and Travel Plan. It was complicated by various committed developments in the area, and difficulties with obtaining representative traffic flows to assess impact. Initially we were prevented from collecting new data by Covid, meaning we relied on 2017 and 2018 counts. Then, when new counts were allowed, we were required to use the worst of the 2017, 2018, and 2021 counts, at each junction assessed, uplifted by growth factors to 2031, with committed development traffic added. Much persistence paid off, with the local highway authority eventually accepting the results and conclusions of our analysis. Masterplan by Berrys.

Granary Close, Bottesford – approved

After a lengthy determination period, 18 dwellings at Granary Close in Bottesford have been approved by Melton Borough Council. The application was supported by our Transport Statement, with the trickiest task being the research into the rights retained to allow Granary Close to be extended into the land at the rear, to serve the proposed development. Mather Jamie are now marketing the site.

Everards Phase 2 – permitted

We are pleased to report that Blaby District Council have resolved to grant consent to the Phase 2 development at Everards Meadow in Leicester, next to Fosse Park retail centre. The complex road system around the site meant complex assessments of traffic impacts, with discussions continuing right up until the committee meeting. The agreed mitigation is a contribution to MOVA, the traffic control software that allows the lights to respond to the continual real-time traffic demands detected by loops in the road to adjust the green times. Masterplan by Franklin Ellis Architects.

Cotgrave success

The transport planning work we have been carrying out for Barratt North Midlands in Cotgrave came to a conclusion on 9 June 2022 at Rushcliffe’s planning committee. Barratt have two sites for 210 and 100 dwellings on Hollygate Lane. However, there were two neighbouring sites for 90 and 45 dwellings where the applicants were Taylor Wimpey and Manor Oak Homes, respectively.

Our Transport Assessments needed to account for the impacts of each individual application, but within a cumulative scenario. Some of the off-site mitigating infrastructure improvements were shared, as was the access roundabout. This meant considerable negotiation with other consultants and Nottinghamshire County Council and it is therefore very pleasing to see all four schemes gained a resolution to grant consent.