We believe that good infrastructure civilises human existence, brings people together and broadens horizons, and boosts the economy.


We plan and design that infrastructure on behalf of the property development industry.


To do so we provide consultancy services in transport planning, infrastructure design, and water management.


 ADC Infrastructure Limited

Western House, Western Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AZ

tel: 0115 9414817

ADC Infrastructure was established in 2013. Our role, usually as part of a professional team, is to deal with the tran​sport, highway and drainage infrastructure matters that arise as part of a development project. ​​​​

We ​often assist at the very beginning of a project. On a small scale this can be to unlock a site with a well informed access solution. On a larger scale it can be to provide the strategic direction that ensures a site is considered in the Local Plan, and is allocated, or it could be the masterplanning advice which emphasises the importance of place as well as movement, and manages the public fear about traffic increases and flood risk from the outset.

Our aim is not just to secure planning permission, but to do so in a cost effective way. We are always mindful of the obligations that are imposed on development through the planning process, and that consent is only a part of getting something built and occupied. We are specialists, but with a multidisciplinary training and experience. ​ Our solutions can be implemented, and we pay attention to detail from the start, knowing this will provide the evidence to build a defendable case. If it all goes wrong, we can provide expert witness services at any public inquiry.

We enjoy collaborating with others. We are a small company and therefore very customer focused​, quick on our feet, and good value for money.

If you have ever been whisked along in a plush European tram, or judged the number of hours it will take to get somewhere based on whether the road is surfaced or not, then maybe you share our passion for good infrastructure.



Company No: 08590738                 Registered Office: 22 Esher Grove, Nottingham, NG3 5DR