grant secured for Lindhurst Phase 2

The £250m Lindhurst development in Mansfield has secured a grant from the D2N2 LEP. The development will provide up to 1,700 dwellings, two million sqft of employment floor space and 333,681sqft of commercial space. Phase 1 is progressing and will deliver the first 520 houses. The grant will go towards Phase 2, which includes a spine road to serve the wider development. The grant will accelerate the delivery of Phase 2, and the next 475 houses, local centre, and primary school.

ADC Infrastructure have been working on the scheme for the last few years, designing the enabling infrastructure. We have recently submitted detailed designs of the spine road seeking Section 38 and S104 agreements.

Richard Bowden of the Lindhurst Group said: “We are most grateful to Nottinghamshire County Council for sponsoring our application for £3m of funding from the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, which has helped to make this early start on this element of the site possible. The grant was approved following weeks of intense effort by the project team, to all of whom we give sincere thanks.” Good to hear, thanks Richard.

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