approved – Higham Lane, Nuneaton

We are pleased to report approval of Persimmon Homes’ detailed planning application for development on the eastern side of Higham Lane at Nuneaton and Bedworth’s planning committee on 3 April 2018.  For us, that is the culmination of considerable technical analysis that began back in November 2014.  Our Transport Assessment and Travel Plan examined a development of 511 houses.  Various other developments in the area complicated the future year scenario, as did the development’s spine road, which doubles as a section of the planned northern relief road for Nuneaton.  As a result, we ran two different versions of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Paramics model to understand where significant traffic impacts would occur.  Mitigation was assessed and negotiated with Warwickshire County Council.  The A5 was analysed to ensure Highways England would not object.

While awaiting a decision on the application, we have undertaken the detailed design of the Section 278 works.  The works include the signal controlled access junction that has been designed so that it can become a crossroads in the future to allow for the westward extension of the northern relief road.Nuneaton

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