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success – Flawforth Lane

Linden Homes’ development of 56 houses was approved by Rushcliffe Borough Council last night. Our work started over two years ago, helping promote the Green Belt site through the Local Plan. Now an allocation in the Local Plan Part 2, we have supported the successful detailed planning application. Assessing the need and cost of adding controlled pedestrian crossings to the A60/Flawforth Lane junction was the trickiest task. 

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Stoke Golding consultation

Another consultation event. This time in support of Davidsons’ proposal at Wykin Lane at Stoke Golding. Held in the local Methodist Church, the event sought views on a residential development of up to 60 dwellings on the southern edge of the village. The consultation website includes more details. ADC Infrastructure were present to help answer questions on highways and drainage matters.

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HIF funding secured

In a pre-election bribe that we are happy to accept, the Government has announced funding of £14.7m from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to help deliver the Melton Mowbray Southern Distributor Road. The road unlocks Davidsons’ Melton South development of 1,500 houses that has been waiting for this decision to allow the outline application to be determined.  Read the Government and County Council announcements.

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appeal allowed – Beeston

Elsewhere we report on the excellent result achieved at Northampton Gateway. On a slightly smaller scale, yet taking a similar amount of time, three and a half years, we have helped secure consent for three dwellings, replacing one. The site is at the end of a shared private driveway extending from Bridle Road in Beeston. Bridle Road is narrow, as is the shared private driveway, speeds are low, but visibility is still substandard at only 13m. Nevertheless, the specific local conditions mean that the extra houses would not, in our opinion, lead to unacceptable road safety impacts. Broxtowe Borough Council disagreed and refused the application. The Inspector agreed and allowed the appeal. We congratulate Taylor Built Homes on their patience and for having the guts to submit their beliefs to the ultimate test.