Cossington – approved

We are pleased to report that Charnwood Borough Council have approved Clarendon Land and Development’s outline application for 130 houses on land to the east of Main Street in Cossington. For us the challenges were about access. Firstly, because the access was on a bend, so we had to prove that adequate visibility could be provided. And secondly, because the access is in Flood Zone 3. Hydraulic modelling of the watercourse demonstrated that the extent of flooding was not as extensive as shown on the EA’s map, and that the 1 in 100 year (+30%) maximum fluvial flood depth on Main Street is 260mm, which only occurs in small isolated areas, with flood depths more typically not exceeding 100mm. An area of land within the site was set aside to compensate for building the access in the floodplain, and an emergency access was provided on Humble Lane, outside flood risk areas. With all these provisions, the access was deemed acceptable by all authorities.

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