Bardon Hill approved

We are pleased to report that on 2 July 2019 North West Leicestershire District Council approved Harworth’s planning application for c360,000sqft of B2/B8 employment use on land to the south of Bardon Road in Bardon Hill. The application was supported by our Transport Assessment, which proposed a new left-in left-out junction on the A511.

Most complicated were our flood risk and drainage assessments. We carried out a cut / fill analysis of the ground to ensure development plateaus could be delivered and to understand finished floor levels. As part of the site was identified as being within Flood Zone 3 we carried out detailed flow modelling of the River Sence, which flows east to west through the site. We established accurate critical flood extents allowing us to produce a drainage strategy with a series of linked ponds and floor levels raised to protect the development within the constraints of the site.

Regs Way


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