Broadnook – refreshed

Broadnook garden suburb is an ambitious mixed use development to the northwest of the A46/A6 Birstall Interchange in Leicester.  The hybrid planning application submitted in 2016 has just been updated with a new description of development, to include 1,950 houses (up from 1,650), B1, B2 and B8 employment uses, a primary school, local centre, care village, country park and other elements.

The refreshed application is supported by an updated suite of documents, including an Environmental Statement Addendum.  Following months of discussions with Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and Highways England, and various LLITM transport model runs, it also includes our new Transport Assessment and Travel Plan.  We have also designed the highway layouts for the first phases of housing by Davidsons and Barwood Homes for which detailed approval is sought.

We look forward to resolving any outstanding issues in the months to come.


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