Andre Sutherland



 Andre Joined ADC in September 2021 as an Engineer within our Infrastructure Design service.

Andre graduated from Coventry University in 2018 with a BEng degree in Civil Engineering and is currently studying for an Msc in Civil Engineering and Construction Management at the University of Derby. Alongside his studies, Andre has continued to pursuit his passion for residential design by working for residential developers, where he has managed and delivered various infrastructure projects scoping from conception, planning and up until project completion. He has delivered all elements relating to residential infrastructure works including external works, domestic drainage, cut and fill, S38s, S278s, S23s and S104s.

Outside the office, Andre enjoys outdoor activities such as wild swimming, wild camping, hiking, and running. When not outdoors Andre loves to express himself through creative writing, song writing, playing guitar and singing. He is also an avid practitioner of mindfulness through daily spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.


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