a dummy run

After an eventful battle, David Wilson Homes’ development at Burnmill Farm in Market Harborough has been approved.  The site was allocated in the draft Local Plan for 90 houses, as it would be accessed from the end of a cul-de-sac already accommodating 66 houses.  In support of a detailed planning application we demonstrated that the site could accommodate 128 houses, and the traffic impacts arising from the increase from 90 to 128 would not be severe.  At the Examination of the Local Plan the Inspector accepted that argument and recommended modifying the policy to allocate 128 dwellings.  The application went to planning committee and was deferred.  It went back to planning committee and was approved, with the Chair deciding a split vote.  Taking advantage of a clause in Harborough’s constitution, Councillor’s quashed that decision and the application was heard at a special meeting of the full Council.  They approved the application.  Towards the end, concerns were focussed on how construction vehicles would reach the site and the residents organised a dummy run by a low loader filmed by a drone while everyone watched.


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